About Us

Iroots software company was born on 21st of September 2014. Iroots stands for Indian Roots. The sole foundress of  the firm is Er. Ramya Soundrarajan. The company has two offices in india. The main office is located in Bangalore and the other in Indore


The  vision of Iroots is to  empower the young women and to provide safe and secure work place.

Iroots is also involved activly in Corportate social responsibility and in specially providing computer education to the slum children.


It is through our passion and commitment to our clients that we develop software and promote communication through BPO to face real- world challenges. It is our love for and dedication to what we do that enables us to become a better company for ourselves, for our clients, our community and the world.

about us


Organizations expect a lot from today’s Enterprise Application Systems and rightly so IROOTS Provides Processes and Domain-specific Customizations, Integrated Operations and Application Management, issue resolution need for Real time Business Transaction Monitoring.

IROOTS provides a host of services to cater to various customer needs in the following areas:

Web Design

Our web designers can change your ideas into reality by using their creative talent and knowledge of website standards and practices. Our websites are unique in design and designs itself represents the nature of business. Trust us to bring your web ideas into reality on time and on budget.

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Web Development

Our Websites are unique and eye-catching, designed by using latest web designing tools like Web 4..0, which empowers our customer to represent themselves online confidently in the global arena. IROOTS focuses on all the aspects of managing a web project involving the development life cycle.

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Desktop Application Development

Iroots is the best-of-technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the web browser. We help you spruce-up your business environment through rich, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, new-generation Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs)

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We empower your business with that cutting edge


Our Clients

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Web Application


We are focused on complete reliability models of project execution and management.
We offer tum around guarantees for any project we undertake, backed by comprehensive management planning and supervision.

Research and Development Team

Ramya.S (CEO of Iroots & Managing trustee of Oroots)

Mr. Rajachandar (Senior Web Architect)

Mr.Rajesh Rajput (Senior Developer)


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